Why Adopt?

The American Humane Association estimates that each year, 3.7 million animals are euthanized. Adopting dogs not only helps to save money, but it helps save the life of an innocent animal. It’s encouraged for future pet owners to adopt from shelters or rescues to support families in finding the right fit for their lifestyle. Unbeknownst to most, many adoption shelters and rescues offer medical care, like spay and neutering, first time vaccinations, microchipping, and more that are included in your adoption fee = less money to spend if you buy a purebred.

Puppy Mills are mass breeding operations, whether you buy the animals online, pet store, or anything of that nature, that are factory style breeding facilities to profit despite the treatment the animals are given. 9 times out of 10 the animals you purchase or organizations you support through these practices aren’t as ethical with using your donations for the proper welfare of the animals. However, at pet shelters or rescues you know for sure that your donations are going to the wellbeing of the animals.

By supporting your local shelters or rescues, you help these organizations combat the true issues of pet intake, you provide another chance of life to animals as well as humans who need a spark of magic in their lives. You can also help support your local organization with food pantries for those families or animals in need, help with fundraising initiatives, help reunite lost pets to families, or simply help spread love.

American Humane has celebrated “Adopt-a-Dog Month®” each October since 1981 in an effort to help the estimated 3-4 million animals waiting in shelters every year, and the organization strongly encourages all to participate in adopting shelter dogs; not just in the month of October.


Rescue Dog Games brings strong pet rescues and organizations together to spread awareness of the need “to adopt—not shop” in the Atlanta area. Jill Waddell, Director, and River the dog share the same vision with RDG festival organizers: for spaces in Atlanta that support shelters, organizers, and rescue groups to work together in their mission to save the lives of dogs. 

From one dog lover to another, come out and join the Rescue Dog Games October 22, 2023 for the Atlanta’s Dog Howl-O-Ween Festival.

Costume Contest:

Be sure to sign-up for a chance to participate and win a prize at the Howl-O-Ween event. You also compete online for our weekly costume challenge. For More Information:

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Join Rescue Dog Games for a day of festivities, interactive dog game stations, dog related vendors, a dog photo booth, an interactive dog art project, food, and Rescue Dog Volunteers/Organizers. For more information:

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