Personal Narrative Story

The Personal Narrative Story (PNS) required a story through the lens of our own experiences, perspectives, and ideas, using representative images, text, sound, and narration to present a series of images that evokes an emotion, presents an idea, and tells a story of transformation and reflection. I find myself to be a private person and not that interesting, yet I’m told otherwise. I battled with what type of personal narrative I wanted to share and I kept coming back to the topic of my life’s journey. Everyone has a story and up until now I thought I’d seen a lot in my lifetime, I’m realizing I haven’t even started living yet. I felt a great sense of relief and pride of myself finishing this assignment with that gentle reminder to myself, I’m in a great place.

Those pictures were beautiful! I’m so glad so many were found and used! Your story gives that soothing reassurance that we don’t always know what we’re going to do with our lives, and that’s okay, no matter how developed in our life we are. 

Matt Alea, Digital Storytelling Classmate

My personal narrative is called “Finding Me,” a story about my 28 years of life so far constantly rediscovering who I am through trials and tribulations. I’ve overcome so much, explored various paths already and i’m just getting started. At this point in life, you’re continuing the journey with me.

Off the bat, you have a wonderful speaking voice. The way you explained the impact that your family has on you was very well spoken. It was poetic. The music was also a beautiful touch.


First of all, the thumbnail (and by extent that picture of yourself) is beautiful! You’ve done an excellent job of condensing a long time into a short format. Great work, Tiani! I’m delighted to see the finished product.


I like the fact that you focused your attention on how important your family was/is to you and how they were showing nothing but support while you went on the journey needed to find yourself and what it is you really want to do. Although it was cut short due to unfortunate injuries, your service for the country does not go unrecognized and the experiences you have had will live on through you forever, great story!


The photos of your family helps find a connect to your story. I can see my family in this way by their love and support of what choices I make and what I choose to do with my life.


The unique approach to have a story spanning your whole “28 years” as you put it made your story stand out. With a full life lived, the journey could move in any direction and spoke to me about perseverance.

Gabriel K.