Podcast Review

I consider myself to live and breathe music, especially music by black women that seem to never get the recognition they deserve. Mrs. Smith is an entertainment journalist, author, and more, showing her true journalistic skills combined with her passion for music. Each episode was better than the next, she constantly shows the strength of her passion and research capabilities, and how she’s able to find connections to other artists or works is amazing. I love being the type of person that can connect other artists, with appreciation, through some of the simplest but crucial elements. I feel like Mrs. Smith is the adult best friend I wish to have where we can sip on the porch with lemonade and discuss art.

Black Girl Songbook

Host: Danyel Smith is an author and former editor-in-chief of Vibe who created Black Girl Songbook to celebrate and uplift the talents of Black women in the music industry. (photo courtesy of: Jezebel)

Danyel provides in-depth discussions with your favorite songwriters, producers, and artists, as well as providing personal anecdotes. You’ll have the immense pleasure of listening to and learning about the songs from Black women who changed the landscape of American music forever.

A similar story of abuse, addiction, exploitation, and heartbreak are what ties these women together, but their resilience granted us vulnerable yet bold pieces of work that remain relevant throughout generations.

Celebrate the undeniably soulful yet powerful voice of underrated enchantress Deniece Williams and her influence on popular genres/artists that people tend to forget about.

Blue-Eyed Soul: “Soul music written and performed by white singers in a style derived from the blues (Dictionary.com).”