Sense of Place

Sense of Place (SOP) required an Interactive Feature Article to create an immersive
experience for readers and map the associational connections between things and explore
the ways experience overlays landscape in a particular community/place. I explored Downtown Marietta and really enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. I really enjoyed taking the time to get to know my area and discover a lot of things local natives weren’t knowledgable about. I appreciate this assignment because it helped me understand the role to take on as a possible travel blogger, marketer for hospitality industries.

When You Go, Downtown

I took a journey to Downtown Marietta and discovered another world. I ate great food, saw wonderful art, met some amazing small business owners and locals. I also enjoyed the rich history that’s vibrant in every aspect of the Marietta Square. That’s now one of my favorite places to visit and I find something new every time.

Art Scene

Beautiful art around every corner in Downtown Marietta.

Café You Say?

A new favorite café in a perfect location in the Square. A nice, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

I love that you started the article with a quote. Your content on the Black Heritage Walking Tour was incredibly extensive and well put together. Great stuff.


Been to Marietta several times, and it seems I have a lot more places to visit. Didn’t even know “Gone With the Wind” museum was there, I’ve only been there for pubs and taverns.


Great use of embedding links into all of your SOP descriptions. I think your pages are all very easy to access from your homepage. I like your choice of quote as well to start off the page.

Micah M.