Art Scene

Walking throughout The Square might be my new form of workout because of the hidden gems not everyone seems to appreciate. Everywhere you go you see art and aesthetically pleasing environments around downtown Marietta. It wasn’t until I walked throughout the mini alleys of the buildings where I discovered some of the most beautiful murals.

Not only do you see beautiful murals, but there are also historical markers or random facts throughout your journey that will entice you to visit the museums. The landscape within the area is also beautiful like a work of art that compliments the charm of the area. The marketing of downtown does a great job of complimenting the historic charm of the area, while inviting creatives to unify the area with the diverse works of arts. There are always art shows or streetwalk events where artists or admirers can come together for their version of fun. My favorite time of year to see the art is during Halloween because the creativity really seems to spark outside of the spooky aspect. You have to be sure to stay in the know if art is your vibe like mine. Visit: Marietta calendar of events