Café You Say?

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters is one mile from The Square and it’s one of the cutest locations I’ve ever been to. The vibe is amazingly chill yet inviting and friendly. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with warm welcomes and friendly customer service.

I let the baristas know this was my first time and asked for their recommendations based on what I normally drink. I got the caramel macchiato like I get at the ‘bucks, and I was not disappointed. I fangirled really hard about the design in my coffee because I’ve always seen it on TikTok yet never in-person; it automatically made my day even better. It was surprisingly quiet for the amount of people in there who, like great adults, know how to use their inside voices to have private conversations.

People were also studying or doing some type of work without disruption, which I really appreciate as a college student. There are two personal quiet areas that are decorated with themes also, my favorite was the Starry Night room since that’s my favorite piece of work. The artwork and decor of the café was very cool and beautiful, this is my new place to study! 5/5 stars.